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   A Brief on China Grain Products Research & Development Institute

More than 50 years ago, the major source of foreign exchanges of Taiwan were exports of rice, sugar and banana etc. For the purpose of saving rice for exporting, government promoted diversification of staple foods through substituting rice with wheat foods and other cereals to the utmost extent. Therefore promotion of wheat products became a principal program, which both the government and industries were profoundly concerned with.

Founder Yu-Shiu Miao, in 1950, invited colleagues of the flour milling industry, scientists and food professionals to initiate the project. With the support and cooperation from the government, the Taiwan Wheat Products Promotion Council (TWPPC) was founded in 1962. The TWPPC’s aim was to promote wheat products, with placing emphasis on traditional Chinese style wheat foods at the early stage.

In 1967, the Baking School and Cereal Laboratory were established, in cooperation with the U.S. Wheat Associates, to provide training for technical people in baking and milling industries as well as for the technicians in cereal testing and analysis. The performance of this program during the last 30 years has earned recognition and high respect from all related parties in this country as well as abroad.

While rice is still a staple food for the people in Taiwan, wheat products have become a daily necessity for them. In view of this trend , it is important to emphasize research and development of wheat and other grain products including rice to be in line with the food consumption trend in Taiwan. With funding contributed by the U.S. Wheat Associates and the related industry associations, companies and individuals in enthusiastic contributions, the institute was reorganized and expanded into the China Wheat Products Research Development Institute in 1982, with its location moved to the new complex in Pali Hsiang, Taipei county in 1984. To reflect its expanded coverage of a multiple of grains other than wheat , the institute changed its name to “China Grain Products Research & Development Institute” in 1988. While the institute’s name changed twice, the unchanged goal for the institute's is to serve the people of Taiwan through all its programs and activities and to lay the foundation for the continuous development of the grain industry in Taiwan.